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Upcycled Louis Vuitton Pendant Necklace

Paper Clip Type Chain

16" 18"  20"  22" Bronze Chain


*** This product is a REPURPOSED product made from legally purchased, authentic used Louis Vuitton products.  They are Created and Designed by The Little White Willow who does not sell New Louis Vuitton products. The condition of the Louis Vuitton product used in this REPURPOSED product does not reflect the condition of the Louis Vuitton product as it was originally sold.  The Little White Willow is not associated with Louis Vuitton.  This product has not been endorsed by Louis Vuitton and does not fall under any warranty by Louis Vuitton.  By purchasing this product, the purchaser understands and acknowledges that this product is NOT a Louis Vuitton product. 

Upcycled Louis Vuitton Pendant Necklace

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